or over 60 years, Ives, Kirwan & Dibble has served the litigation needs of Californians and their businesses. Our firm first operated under its existing name in the early 1950's. It was originally founded by three attorneys from Los Angeles, Eugene S. Ives, Martin J. Kirwan, and Darwin L. Dibble, all of whom have long since retired.

Our offices are still located in the downtown Los Angeles financial and legal district, where we represent clients throughout all of California. Periodically, we represent certain of our national clients in courts throughout the country as well.

Our firm conducts a diverse litigation practice, ranging from cases handled by a single attorney to complex matters requiring a team approach. Some cases are large, involving tens of millions of dollars. Others are relatively small, but no less significant to our clients.

Our strong track record of client satisfaction results from pro-active, cost-effective case handling, including:

   •     Avoiding unnecessary research, discovery and court appearances

   •     Recognizing early opportunities for resolution, with emphasis on alternative dispute  
          resolution and cost sharing, and

   •     Trial, if and as necessary.

We represent both large and small publicly traded companies, mutual companies, privately held businesses, and individuals in a wide range of litigation disputes in state and federal courts, as well as alternative dispute resolution forums, on both sides of the aisle--on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants--thus giving us unique and valuable insight and experience.

Our state court practice includes experience in trial courts, courts of appeal, and the California Supreme Court. Our federal court practice includes experience in district courts, bankruptcy courts, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal, and the U.S. Supreme Court.

While most of our practice is focused in California, we have represented clients in courts across the country.

Our diverse practice has afforded us the opportunity to litigate against, and often prevail against, some of the finest law firms that California and the nation have to offer.

While our litigation expertise is called upon in many areas of the law, our practice has provided us with significant experience in the following areas: